From the Heart welcomes Budget commitment to fund a referendum on Indigenous constitutional recognition

From The Heart, the campaign for Indigenous constitutional recognition through a Voice to Parliament, has welcomed the government’s commitment to retain $160 million in contingency funding for a referendum on constitutional recognition in the 2023 Federal Budget.

Also welcomed is Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s commitment to a constitutionally-enshrined Indigenous Voice to Parliament in his budget reply speech.

Dean Parkin, From the Heart campaign director, said: “There is nothing more important in this next term of Parliament than a referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

“For 15 years we have been talking about constitutional recognition. We have long-running bi-partisan commitments to a referendum on constitutional recognition. The only way we can achieve this is through an Indigenous Voice to Parliament that is included in the Constitution.

“Australians know this is a fair go and it’s time we finally put it to the people in a referendum in the next term of parliament .”

A referendum on constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians was first proposed by John Howard in 2007, and has been supported by every Prime Minister since.

An Indigenous Voice to Parliament is a simple and practical change that is our best chance at finally closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. When Indigenous people have a real say on issues that affect them, we get better results on the ground on key areas such as health and education.

The funding for a referendum, first provisioned in the 2016 budget, is contained in the government’s Contingency Reserve.



About From the Heart

From the Heart is a campaign for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament that is enshrined in the Constitution. It is now time for the Australian people to come together through a referendum and make this fair and practical change. Find out more at