From The Heart, the campaign for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament guaranteed by the Constitution, has welcomed the Final Report of the Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process announced by Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt.

Despite consideration of the constitutional arrangements being out of scope for the co-design committees, the final report acknowledges the weight of public support in favour of the Voice having a constitutional guarantee.

In a significant public response, nearly 90% of the more than 4,000 submissions to the government expressly supported a constitutional guarantee for the Voice, including 95% of submissions from the Northern Territory.

The overwhelming number of submissions and a clear majority of the Australian people acknowledge that the only way to protect an Indigenous Voice against abolition, enhance its effectiveness and recognise the unique place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our nation is to guarantee it in the Constitution.

As a result, one of the seven recommendations of the final report is that the government “note the support for enshrinement of the Indigenous Voice in the Constitution that was expressed particularly through the submissions received as part of the consultation process”.

From the Heart campaign director Dean Parkin said: “This report brings us another step closer to our campaign for a referendum on a Voice in the next term of Parliament”.

“When asked yet again about their views, the Australian people have identified a constitutional guarantee as the most important aspect of an Indigenous Voice”.

“They know that a referendum on a Voice is a fair-go for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and is our best chance at a practical change to finally Close the Gap”.

“The report confirms our campaign research that shows 57% of Australians would support a referendum on a Voice, with only a small minority opposed.

“Public support for a referendum on a Voice is only growing and the upcoming election is an ideal opportunity for the government to commit to a historic and unifying referendum in the next term of Parliament”.



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