Ron’s Journey From the Heart

Today’s story is from Ron Holden, who decided to take inspiration from the Uluru Statement to create beautiful artwork.



I Support The Uluru Statement, Ron Holden
105cm X 75cm. Acrylic, paint pens and inks on watercolour paper

“I’d read The Uluru Statement, which set me thinking.

Here’s the result. From left to right, top and bottom: 1. The Sea, 2. Birthing Tree, 3. Pastures, 4. Life, 5. Fire, 6. Chains, 7. Claim, 8. Fish Traps, 9. Uluru.

Through it all, the Australian Bush runs.

In the bottom right hand corner I usually put my surname. This time I felt I had to put my full name. After all, I support the Uluru Statement. I must sign the document. I can no longer evade my moral cowardice. I WILL be counted.

The cartoons are in no particular order. There is and there was…..

Fish Traps, Ron Holden
105cm X 75 cm. Acrylic and paint pens on watercolour paper

My thanks go to Bruce Pascoe and his Dark Emu. An absolute revelation.

As for Uluru……not quite in the centre of the Continent. But it is the spiritual heart of this country. The height above the surrounding land is 348 metres to its highest point. Current thinking is that the Rock extends below ground level for 2-3 kilometres. MASSIVE!

Perhaps symptomatic of relations in this land. Much lies beneath.

Time to dig!”

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