Students Share Their Stories about the Uluru Statement

Cape York Leaders Program students from The Cathedral School Townsville and Stuartholme School Brisbane shared their stories about why they support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.


Bobby Bowie (Year 11, Coen)

“People in the past did things for us so we must do what we can today for people in the future. The Uluru Statement from the Heart helped me realise that it’s up to all of us to do something. It gives me a strong sense of responsibility.”

Patricia McLean (Year 12, Mossman)

“I love how the Uluru Statement from the Heart declares our strong ancestral ties between us and the land. I know it’s true because I feel the same connection myself. I hope to be able to do my part and shine a light on this bond and this important aspect of our culture through the art of song. Being on the Cape York Leaders program is helping me to understand the importance of these issues and how it relates to me personally. It’s about making our mark, to stand up and to do more.”

Genai Fa’aoso (Year 8, Coen)

“When I read the Uluru Statement from the Heart, it gave me a stronger understanding of the importance of our culture and how I have to keep it strong. Even when I grow up, I have to teach the next generation, to keep it alive…”

Mark Strevens (Year 11, Bamaga)

“We could do great things in the future. We older kids need to set a better example just like our Elders did. Sometimes, I just want the school day to be over but after reading the Uluru Statement from the Heart, I realised I need to do more with my time – to make a difference and become my best. The Cape York Leaders Program helps me to achieve this by giving me opportunities like getting a good education so I can do more for my people when I get older.”

Joy Zaro (Year 8, Coen)

“I feel sad for our ancestors who fought hard to protect our land and culture or our land for future generations. The Uluru Statement from the Heart gives us a voice and the power to move forward as a people. It made me feel strong.”

El’leija Creek (Year 7, Coen)

“As a future leader of my community the Uluru from the Heart Statement has given me a deeper understanding of what our ancestors did and how they fought to get us where we are today.”

Leilani Hale (Year 11, Cooktown /Archer Point)

“The Uluru Statement of the Heart is important because it shines a light upon the importance of culture, and how our ancestors have fought to get us where we are today only for us have gotten to a certain spot.”

Alaina Walker (Coen)

“The Uluru Statement has given me a broader and deeper understanding of what the ancestors did and what we have to do strive for equal opportunity and recognition.”

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