Referendums in Australia

Vicki’s Journey from the Heart

We are starting a series featuring stories from you.

Our first story is from Vicki in Innisfail, Queensland. She works in the shipping industry in an Integrated Rating role. 

Here is Vicki’s journey from the Heart:

“The Uluru Statement is important to me because it allows myself and all Indigenous Australians to have a voice, to be recognised as First Nation Australians. And to tell our truth about our history.

A Voice to Parliament is important to me because “This is Our Time. This needs to be done for our younger generation. I want Parliament to acknowledge our ways, our culture. I would like Parliament to know how important this is to me, so I can share this knowledge to my family and community. I can encourage my family and community on how important the Uluru Statement and Voice to Parliament.”

– Vicki M. Morta

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